An apology to my blog (look what I’ve been up to!)

By Posted in - Blogging & HE Comms on October 25th, 2008 0 Comments

I’m afraid I’ve been ignoring you, my beloved blog. It isn’t that I’ve fallen out of love with you, it’s just I’ve been a little distracted lately. I’m afraid, dear blog, that I have been playing away a little. At the beginning of this week I created a new social network on Ning for communications and marketing professionals working in the Higher Education sector. HE Comms has been so much more popular in its first week that I ever dreamt it would be, so I’ve been spending time building on it and further developing it in a bid to spread and retain that initial interest. And, yes, I have also been blogging on HE Comms. It’s not the end of our relationship, my dearest lovely blog, but I just need to share my time equally and work out what I post here and what I post directly to HE Comms. You’re part of HE Comms too, and feature on the ‘other blogs’ feed, so don’t feel too left out. Who knows, perhaps even some of our new friends on HE Comms might come and spend some time with you my little blog. Keep heart, I haven’t lost interest.

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