Adopt a word – genius or pure lunacy?

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I’ve just picked up the news of a website called Adopt a Word through rumblings on Twitter. The idea is that you pay £20 to adopt a word for one year. In return for your £20 you receive an adoption pack to confirm that you have purchased that word. Sound crazy? Okay, now chuck in the fact that the £20 you pay goes towards the charity I CAN, helping children with communication difficulties in the UK develop skills to help overcome what can be at times some very challenging problems. Still sound crazy?

Of course it still sounds crazy. I mean, why would anybody in their right mind want to adopt a word? It’s meaningless.

It’s for that very reason that this site is pure genius. It’s so ludicrous, that it gets everyone talking – plenty of buzz on my Twitter feed about it as everyone discusses whether it’s crazy or not, which of course has an exponential effect as more and more people pick up on it through other networks on Twitter. And then there’s people like me blogging about it too, and probably others tagging and bookmarking the site with digg, del.i.cious, stumble upon etc etc.

Reminds me a bit of the million pound gallery site developed a few years ago. At least this one’s for charity though.

Now, what word to buy for my other half for Christmas …

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