Rough and ready video can work

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I do quite a lot of work with video, often overseeing video productions that cost upwards of four figure sums, resulting in beautifully crafted polished results. But we all know that there is a real thirst online for rough and ready video, generally speaking unedited or only roughly edited, and shot on someone’s camcorder. YouTube has proven the point over and over again.

With this in mind, and for no other reason than the fact that I like to have a new techy toy to play with every so often, I bought a flipvideo handheld camcorder the other day. It cost about £90 or so, and is pocket sized so I can take it out and about with me. It’ll record up to about an hour’s worth of footage, and runs on bog standard batteries. The beauty of it though is that it’s so quick to use. You whip it out of your bag, press the button on the side and in 2-3 seconds you’re ready to record – fantastic for catching something that needs to be caught quick (though still not quick enough to catch footage of my snoozing rabbit laying stretched out on his side this other day, but then that’s more testiment to my speed at grabbing the camera than the camera itself).

So, I’ll be carrying this around with me from now on, grabbing the odd bit of footage here and there, and hopefully picking up some interesting interviews and think pieces. I’ll start posting some examples soon – need to find some interesting people to speak with first – and keep reporting back on how I’m getting on.

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