Online video is getting quicker and quicker

By Posted in - Broadcast PR & Online Video on January 7th, 2009 0 Comments

I’ve been playing around quite nicely with my new flipvideo camera recently, mostly for personal use though I’m sure it won’t be long before it’s put to good business use too.

Last week I attended a close friend’s wedding in Ireland. I took the flipvideo camera along and within 12 hours of stumbling to bed after the festivities of an Irish wedding (I hit the sack at 3am and the bride, groom and Irish family were all still up singing in the bar), I had an edited version of the video online on facebook thanks to the excellent built-in software on the camera, instant usb connectivity and free wifi in the hotel.

I thought that was quick! Then this morning I received the latest updates from animoto and learn that they’ve now created an iPhone app so you can create animoto videos on your iPhone (or touch iPod) whilst still on the move. I haven’t tested it yet (might steal my partner’s touch iPod later to have a play around), but in theory this is a very cool idea and just speeds up even more the ability to go from a photo (or in the case of flipvideo a video clip) to a fairly polished looking video online in a matter of minutes – and at hardly any expense at all.

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