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It’s been far too long since my last blog post. I spend so much of my time preaching to people about blogging and the need to do it regularly, that I really must practice what I preach. However, I’ve got so many exciting projects on the go at the moment for various clients that it’s all a bit crazy. Here’s something to share though…

Around mid-March, so really very recently, a 4IP funding iPhone app was launched – AudioBoo, developed by BestBefore media. Described by some as ‘audio twitter’, AudioBoo enables you through a simple iPhone app to record a short burst of audio, attach a photo, tag it, and pretty much instantly have it online with the photo, audio file, and the location of the recording marked on a google map (thanks to the power of GPS). You can set it up so that every new ‘Boo’ you post is tweeted about through your twitter account, and you can also embed the file into another web page using the emded code provided. Very very simple and easy.

I came across it for the first time at an event I was involved with for Becta, who were supporting a DIUS event hosted by Channel 4. The guys from BestBefore did a live demonstration of the technology, which worked seamlessly. So, in true flattery, I decided to copy their exercise at a social media training session I was running last week. Worked perfectly, and certainly got the creative juices of my ‘trainees’ flowing, particularly thinking about potential for gathering customer feedback and quick testimonials. From a personal point of view, I know it’s also going to be great for gathering quick soundbites at events (from delegates and speakers) and I might also use it to help gather some anecdotes for some research I’m conducting for the CIPR Education and Skills sector group at the moment too.

The guys at 4IP are supporting it . And that’s one of the things that so staggering about this. BestBefore and 4IP could see the potential for this technology, but they really had no idea how people would use it. I can’t see it replacing Twitter because, let’s face it, who wants to have to trawl through audio clips of each of the individuals they follow (I find it hard enough just keep up with written tweets), but the real gem of this story is how the technology has bee pushed out, and the community out there have decided how to use it rather than being told what it’s for. This is a great example of how social media is actually all about the content, and not about the technology. The technology just makes it happen, but it’s the content that really drives it and encourages interest.

For a little taste, here’s me just mucking around with it:


And here’s the link to the actual AudioBoo page so you can see the photo and map too.

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