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I have quite a lot of need for being able to show people how to do things online in quick bursts of information sharing. This can be in presentations when I know that a live demo might be too risky, or for sharing on my blog and other websites. That’s why¬†Screenr has become, in the last couple of years, an invaluable tool to me. It’s a very very simple web-based tool that allows you to select an area of the screen on your computer, record what you’re doing on it for up to 5 minutes, and record a voiceover to explain what you’re doing. Very very simple online tutorials and great if you’re ever trying to help someone understand how to do something online (training staff for using social media, for example). You can then automatically publish the videos to Twitter, YouTube or download the video file. It’s one of those sites that it beautifully simple and so damn useful. The video on their website explains more.

Because I use Prezi for most of my presentations, that ability to upload a screen cast direct to YouTube and then just simply paste the YouTube video url into prezi for showing the video in presentations is really very quick and seamless.

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