Implementing your digital campaigns and projects: growing our offer to you

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Since I founded Pickle Jar Communications in 2007 my focus has always been on strategy and planning, rather than implementation. I firmly believe that when it comes to digital and social media, your money is better spent investing in the people, skills and resources in-house to manage your campaigns than outsourcing it to consultancies and agencies who will never, no matter how great they are, really know your organisation like you do.

The value that we as a company bring to your projects is in developing those strategies and campaign ideas in the first place, building robust plans that you can then work from and progress in your organisation, and helping you understand how digital and social media can be integrated with wider marketing and communications activities. Sometimes this involves a little handholding from us to start with (or some training), but always with a view to enabling you to bring those skills in-house, and thus keep tight control of your budgets.

However, there are sometimes gaps that need to be bridged, or our plans and strategies might reveal the need for technical developments (one-offs or otherwise) that just can’t be managed by you in-house. With this in mind, we have developed a partnership with Status Digital Marketing to help add implementation and technical development to the range of products and services that we offer.

Working with this HEIST-award winning team, we are now able to work closer with you to help with:

  • website redesign and developments;
  • building applications (‘apps’) and sites for mobile and social media;
  • implementing your social and digital media campaigns;
  • ongoing technical and strategic support for your campaigns.

If we think that you are best placed to deliver something in-house, we will still say this in our recommendations to you. But on those occasions where we agree that more technical design and implementation is required, or where you want to deliver something bespoke and truly spectacular, but you want to do this in the knowledge that I am still helping, handholding and supporting you through that process, then we now have an arrangement in place to manage that.

I have had many opportunities to join forces with digital companies since I founded Pickle Jar Communications, and many conversations over the years to this effect. However, until now I haven’t had the confidence in the approach, creativity, and quality of delivery that I now have in Status, in order to forge those relationships. The partners that I chose to work with and that I recommend to you have a bearing on my reputation and that of Pickle Jar Communications. I therefore only select to work with people and companies whom I think mirror our ethos, approach and commitment to quality, and are thoroughly fun and enjoyable to work with while remaining focused on the objectives of the project.

Please do drop me a line ( if you’d like to discuss how this can work for you and your organisation, or alternatively contact Nick Salloway at Status ( who will also be happy to help.

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