The audience engagement journey for education social media marketing (1 of 6)

By Posted in - Audience engagement journey & Schools & Social Media & Strategy and Planning & University & Webinar on February 13th, 2012 0 Comments

This week is ‘social media week’. This is a week in which some of the major cities around the world host events and activities to celebrate, discuss and innovate in social media. To celebrate this in my own little way, I decided to produce a six-part webinar series. In this series I focus on one of my favorite ways of thinking about applying social and digital media strategically in our education marketing and communications activities: the audience engagement journey. In this first part I set the context for what we are talking about and how I am approaching it. Then, throughout this week I will post another episode looking at each of the five stages in greater detail, starting today with ‘awareness’. I hope you find these useful and helpful.

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