Using social media during events

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The use of social and digital media can greatly enhance live events. It can be used to:

  • Promote an event
  • Generate buzz and anticipation for a forthcoming event
  • Enable participants to connect with one another before an event and plan networking opportunities
  • Enhance the event itself by providing additional information, experiences and opportunities for the audience to share their voice and interact on the back channel
  • Reach those unable to attend the event through live video streams, recorded content or curating back channel content
  • Provide content for use after an event by capturing interviews and recordings from the event itself, sharing slides or sharing images such as photographs and sketchnotes
  • Use content from previous events to generate interest in future events through use of curation tools, embedding and tagging
  • Turn your events into experiences designed to generate social media buzz and visibility
  • … much much more (depending on the limits of your imagination).

A couple of weeks ago I was asked deliver a conference presentation on this very topic for the CASE Europe Events Masterclass. As usual, you know that I don’t just like to keep my presentations limited to being used just at a single event but I like knowing that others can benefit from them too by sharing them online. And so, I came away from that conference and recorded the session again for you all at my desk. I’ve broken it down into two videos so you don’t have to sit and watch it all in one go. Grab yourself a cuppa – each video is about the right length for enjoying with a tea or coffee…

In part one I discuss the potential for using social media during events…

In part two I consider the use of social and digital media after events, and then move on to consider what you need to think about before your event to properly plan your use of social media (clue: it should never be an afterthought, but instead a central part of your event planning)…

If you don’t want to watch the video presentations and listen to my commentary, you can also just take a look at the prezi itself at your own pace here:


If you ever need help with planning your use of social media during an event – or even managing social media for you during an event if you just don’t have the (wo)man power to do it in-house – we can help. Please drop us a line to discuss your needs and find out more about how the Pickle Jar team can provide you with the creative ideas and support you may need to make this happen.


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