Why you don’t need a social media strategy (and how to create one anyway)

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This post is part of a 4-part series (part 1 of 4)

A social media strategy for education marketing-communications: completely essential or a complete nonsense?

Since the mid-2000s we’ve been working with schools, colleges and universities to help define a strategic approach to their use of social media for marketing and communications. But fundamentally the need for an actual strategy – an isolated document that just focuses on social media – is to me the biggest nonsense of our profession right now.

So, when I was asked to deliver the opening plenary session at the 2014 Institutional Web Management Workshop at Northumbria University (#iwmw14) on how to create a social media strategy, I decided to take a little time really thinking about what social media strategies actually do for us, and the role that they should play in an education organisation’s marketing and communications activity. Over this short series I’ll be outlining:

As this all starts with a conference presentation, I’ll share those slides now:


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