The nonsense of the social media strategy

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This post is part of a 4-part series (part 2 of 4)

Since the very word “strategy” has its origins in the art of war, we start with a battle.

To win any battle, a number of units, skills, expertise, tools and weapons need to work together in a well-planned and choreographed way. It requires co-ordination and adaptability. The general who sets off on his own path and works in a silo – let’s take General Custer as an example of this as he storms towards the Little Bighorn – is doomed to lose. And get scalped.

If we have a strategy for the cavalry, a separate strategy for the bowmen, a separate strategy again for the chaps pouring the boiling oil – okay my knowledge of war isn’t great, but go with me – then the war will be lost.

Such is communications and marketing, though marginally less bloody. Sometimes.

If social media is your cavalry with their own independent strategy set apart from everything else, then opportunities shall be missed, and winning the battle will be a matter of luck rather than planning.

We need to win the war, and to do that we need:

  • A cause (your organisation’s vision)
  • Our strategy for war (your organisation’s strategy and plan)
  • A battle strategy (your marketing and communications strategy)
  • Instructions for your forces (integrated channel plans)

We’ll reflect on this more in the next post, but suffice to say that what most people think of as a social media strategy is nothing more than your artillery. And without any munitions (content strategy), then you’re just firing blanks.

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