This Week’s Five Pickle Jar Links (One Is About The Comet Landing)

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It’s been another busy week here at Pickle Jar. Our very own Tracy Playle has been in Atlanta speaking at Confab Higher Ed 2014 on the subject of humour in higher education communications. You can look back at some of the activity from the conference using the #confabEDU hashtag.

The first of this week’s Pickle Jar links is Tracy’s advice on creating shareable content that extends your online content strategy into the physical world.

There are some interesting insights in this collection of infographics from Hobsons about the different ways international students make decisions about where to study. Ellie has Storified them for you, just to be helpful…

Also on our blog this week – the final part of our series on instant messaging apps being used by universities. This week Rosie looks at WhatsApp – do you have any WhatsApp success stories to share?

Because Tracy’s at a conference this week, we thought these Mashable tips on using social media at conferences would be useful…

And we couldn’t ignore the big news this week of the Rosetta mission successfully landing the Philae probe on a comet. This amazing human endeavour was celebrated around the world, but we were really interested in the Twitter accounts of the spacecraft and the probe. They talked to each other throughout the process, and they’re still going now… it’s helped to bring some personality to a very scientific story.

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