Five Pickle Jar Links You Might Have Missed This Week (No Black Friday Deals, Sorry)

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As everyone around you gets swept up by the hurricane of Black Friday, take a break from refreshing the Lightning Deals page on Amazon and see what Pickle Jar links you might have missed in the past seven days…

Tracy often talks about the use of humour in higher education communications, so Ellie decided to gather together some of our favourite examples. Let us know if you’ve seen any we should add to the list!

John’s blog series on using audio content continued this week with a look at conducting interviews – a simple way to capture the best bits of an event.

In the first of two BuzzFeed-related links this week, this is a really interesting (and pretty) look at how we consume media online.

This Digiday article on BuzzFeed URLs caught my eye this week… BuzzFeed gets more traffic from social sources than from search engines (as seen in their own report in the previous link), so their URLs don’t need to be aligned to SEO. That means the writers can play with them a little.

Finally for this week – one of our resident Instagrammers, Emma, found a nice infographic highlighting some useful Instagram facts. Did you know that a photo with blue as its main colour will get around 24% more shares than any other colour?

That’s all for this week. We’ll be back next week with more links, and probably at least one picture of a Christmas tree (mine, I expect. It’s going up on Monday). Keep following us on Twitter at @PickleJar, and get in touch if you want to have a chat about anything.

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