Five Pickle Jar Links To Take Your Mind Off The Weather Bomb

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While the country braced itself for the seemingly unexpected wind, snow and ice (otherwise known as winter) we managed to find some interesting things to look at this week.

You may notice that several of this week’s Pickle Jar links are articles on our own blog. That’s because we know you’re very busy and you might have missed them the first time around…

(No, it’s not shameless self-promotion. Not at all.)

We carried out some research into the communication needs of the education sector recently, and we found that content strategy is a priority for education organisations in 2015. On our blog, Tracy explains how we approach this kind of work:

While we all know that you can’t just “create a viral”, it’s still worth knowing about the emotional responses successful viral content engenders:

Suspend your cynicism for a moment while Emma examines what the higher education sector can learn from One Direction:

This article on the Simply Measured blog looks at tips for using 9 different social media platforms:

With Facebook’s latest algorithm changes coming into force in January, I took a look at what this might mean for brand pages:

That’s it for this week. Join us next week where we’ll have some Christmassy links (unless we’ve all been blown away by the #weatherbomb.)

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