Creative Christmas Communications from the UK Higher Education Sector

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Christmas is a great time for universities to think more creatively about their communications. The advent (no pun intended) of online communications and social media means that universities can create something more engaging to wish a “Happy Christmas” to their staff, students and other stakeholders.

Here are a few of our favourite examples that we’ve seen so far from UK universities:

12 Days of Christ Church

Canterbury Christ Church are celebrating 12 days of Christmas by hiding gifts around their university campus for students to find.

Using the hashtag #CCCUSanta, they are posting clues to lead students to the prize and the #CCCUSanta is pretty generous – prizes have included a meal for two at the Canterbury Campus food court, a year’s free membership at the campus gym and gift vouchers for Asda and a bookshop.

Find out more on their website

Nottingham University Advine

Similar to Christ Church, but experimenting with Vine, Nottingham University are giving clues each day for students to seek-out a chocolatey advent gift.

The clues are also being posted to the University’s student life twitter account @UoNStudentLife and are averaging around 1000 loops each with one of them at over 2000. Photos of the happy student winners are being posted on the main University Facebook page.


Newcastle University have gone for a more traditional style of advent calendar, but using video content to highlight Christmas activities in the city each day.

They also have some arranged some group trips that they are promoting to students staying on campus over the holidays.

The videos have been published on YouTube and then promoted on Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag #NCLAdvent.

Tweet the Tree at Bournemouth University

Not exactly a Christmas greeting or advent calendar, but Bournemouth University have used some clever technology on one of their campus Christmas trees to engage students and get them tweeting!

Students are encouraged to tweet the tree using a few select hashtags which then in turn change the colour of the lights.

You can find out more about their tree here, and for our more techy readers, here’s a blog post on how they did it.

Reading College have done something similar with #XmasPiLights –

DIY advent ideas from Scouting UK

This one isn’t from the higher education sector, but we really like the UK Scouting Association’s DIY craft ideas that will appeal to scouts, their parents and scout leaders and volunteers.

From DIY Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles baubles to Boiled Egg Snowmen, they have published instructions and images each day for a new project. It’s just a pity they didn’t use a hashtag and encourage people to share their crafts.

Times Higher Education #CampusChristmas

Finally, the Times Higher Education are encouraging people to share photos of their Christmas trees on campus using the hashtag #campuschristmas so that’s a hashtag worth checking out. Here are a couple of our favourites…

Have you seen any examples of creative Christmas communications this year? Or do you need help thinking more creatively about content? We’ve always got our eyes out for something new at Pickle Jar Communications, so get in touch.

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