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This month, the special focus on our blog is audience research. So, it makes sense that our January service spotlight should tell you a little more about how we can help with your audience research needs.

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All too often we find clients want to skip over audience research, seeing it as an unnecessary expense. But failing to really understand your target audiences is a false saving. Without those oh-so-valuable insights, you’re lessening the probability that your campaign or new marketing approach will actually resonate with your audience.

At Pickle Jar Communications audience research is a core component of many of our strategy projects for our clients, but also a standalone service.

We can help you by:

  • Conducting research to help you understand your audience, what motivates them and how they are likely to respond to different scenarios or approaches;
  • Reveal what is really preoccupying your audience, what they really care about and how that relates to your organisation;
  • Show how your audience use different digital communications tools and platforms, including how they are engaging with your platforms;
  • Uncover┬áthe types of content that really appeal to your audiences, that they are most likely to look at, click on and share;
  • Provide analysis of our audience research and recommendations for what this means for your content strategy or digital communications planning.


Case Study: Informing a digital investment with robust audience research

In the Summer of 2014 we were approached by the Communications Manager of a UK university who had been recently asked to work with the university’s IT team on the roll out of a huge new student portal system. The university had invested heavily in this project and all the communications team had to do was decide what needed to go on the student portal.

As the Communications Manager asked the question “what do our students want from the portal?” in their first committee meeting, they were met with a deafening silence. All they really had to work on was a hunch and some data from existing site analytics.

Working to a tight timescale, Pickle Jar Communications was commissioned to conduct an audit of how the students use the current portal using analytics and heat-mapping insights.

We then conducted a student survey and in-depth telephone interviews with students to really understand their wants and needs of their university communications. This was complemented by a period of online observations of student use of social media to gather insights into some of the preoccupations and concerns they had but may not have been so willing to declare directly to us.

The research report was complete in less than 6 weeks, and delivered to the Communications Manager who finally felt empowered to apply those insights to develop a student portal that the students would really benefit from.

Do you have a similar challenge? Get in touch to discuss your challenges with us and see if we can help you.

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