Five Links On Friday: #CremeEggGate And Audience Research

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Twitter exploded with outrage this week over the news that Cadbury’s Creme Eggs will no longer be made of Dairy Milk chocolate. Boycotts were organised, angry emails sent, and newspaper articles written.

This is audience research playing out in real time, in the public eye on the #CremeEggGate hashtag. Whether or not Cadbury will revert back to the old recipe as a result remains to be seen.

This week’s five links don’t involve chocolate, but they do involve audience research. Read on…

As part of our focus this month on audience research, Emma gives us a rundown of different research methods:

Do you know where your audience fits in the social technographics profile? Take a look at these slides and get started:

Facebook is trialling its new Facebook At Work platform with companies in the UK. Is this a viable alternative to existing internal comms systems?

Every university has a map on their website, but some have taken the next step with impressive virtual tours – I collected a few helpful examples:

Want to know more about audience research and why we think it’s so important? Rosie explains it all…

We’ll be back next week with more links for you. If there’s anything we can help you with, or if you want to chat about anything you’ve seen here, just get in touch.

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