Five Links On Friday – 23rd January 2015

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This week saw us celebrate Penguin Awareness Day, Pie Day and Hug Day, along with Burns Night on Sunday – all very important dates to mark in your calendar for next year. Good job they don’t happen on the same day.

(If you’re wondering when Pickle Day is, then don’t worry – it’s not until November 14th. We’ll do something to mark the occasion.)

In this week’s first link, Ellie talks us through developing personas as part of your audience research:

Staying with the audience research theme, this Mashable article looks at why thinking of millenials as one single audience group is oversimplifying things:

Facebook announced more changes to its newsfeed algorithm this week, claiming that it will be cracking down on posts that appear to be spam, hoaxes, or fake news. Given that some of the most shared stories on Facebook come from sites like The Onion or The Poke, it’ll be interesting to see how this plays out…

Pinterest users are big sharers – get the most out of your Pinterest followers with these tips.

Do you find that people aren’t watching your YouTube videos? Here are three possible reasons why…


We’re hosting a content strategy workshop in February – if you’re planning on developing a strategy for your organisation you should join us!

Next week’s special days, by the way, include Australia Day, the 100th anniversary of the formation of the US Coast Guard, and Data Privacy Day. Enjoy the celebrations!

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