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We’re blessed, really. It never fails to amaze me that everyone who works with my team and I at Pickle Jar Communications seems to love the work that we do. And if the constant flow of enquiries that we have for new projects to lead is anything to go by, we – touch wood – seem to be thriving as a company right now. Our love and our passion is the education sector, and we give our heart and soul to our work.

But for years now other people have asked me why it is that we aren’t working outside of the education sector. I’ve resisted, staying in my comfort zone and riding on a crest of constantly flowing work from within education. Until now.

As I look to the future and how we develop Pickle Jar Communications, expand our business and our team, bring on board even more brilliantly talented individuals, and constantly push our boundaries with our work and creativity, I see that growing our work outside of the education sector is a good move for us.

And so, I am utterly delighted that this week I am announcing the launch of our new content marketing agency: Utterly Content.

Utterly Content is a full service content marketing agency, but has a particular focus on creating content marketing strategies and plans and implementing them on an ongoing or campaign basis for new clients.

Through Pickle Jar Communications, we continue to grow our excellent work in the education sector in developing digital and content strategies and plans, and helping our clients to implement them. Through Utterly Content we expect to:

  • increase the amount of content creation and community management projects that we deliver
  • work with clients who will expect us to take more risks in order to push their own creativity
  • develop campaigns and approaches that attract and convert audiences into customers and advocates for their brands.

We fully expect that our work through Pickle Jar will benefit from this in turn too.

How you can help us…

Our challenge to our clients and friends of Pickle Jar Communications is simply this: if you know someone whom you think would love working with us and would benefit from our expertise in their business or organisation, please send them our way.

We’re currently developing the new Utterly Content website and blog here. You can also follow us on Twitter (@utterlycontent). Please email for more information or a chat, or pass our details on to someone whom you feel really must speak with us. Thank you.


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