5 creative ways you can build a presence on a social media channel using your existing platforms

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When you have presence on numerous social platforms, it can be frustrating when one isn’t getting as much attention as the others.

Do you want the audience on your most popular social media platform to see all the great content available on another? But maybe you’re just not sure how to do it effectively?

At Pickle Jar Communications, we enjoy seeing the creative ways organisations use their social media accounts to drive traffic to others, and there have been some fantastic examples recently.

So if you’d like some inspiration…

  •  Acknowledge an online achievement

If you’re celebrating good times, particularly when it’s about an online achievement, why not use another platform to shout about it? University of Cambridge did just that by posting a Facebook album of their most viewed Flickr images. It provided a great ‘teaser’ for the rest of their Flickr images and allowed them to capitalise on engagement with some high quality photos.


  • Use ‘Social Media Anniversaries’ (and don’t be afraid to boast)

University of Michigan are an example of a university doing social media really well. Their Twitter account boasts over 112,000 followers and is packed with appealing content for their students. I liked their promotion for their Snapchat account as they used their ‘Snapchat Anniversary’ to generate interest from their Twitter followers. The image is bright and engaging and also includes some impressive stats about their Snapchat activity, which emphasised their forward thinking Snapchat use in higher education.


  • Create a video

Video is big, particularly on Facebook. Facebook has seen a massive rise in the amount of users uploading video in 2014, so why not take advantage of this when promoting your other platforms? That’s what the University of Leicester did in order to drive people to their Instagram account. This short but sweet video clearly represented their presence on the app without giving too much away.



  • Create competitions and incentives

Audiences appreciate a chance to win. This simple image produced by M&S encouraged their customers on Facebook to repin to Pinterest in order to win the product pictured. In the comments, some are asking what Pinterest is and how to repin it, with other customers encouraging them to join Pinterest in order to enter the competition. This method raised awareness of the brand on Pinterest and quite possibly increased followers in the process.


  • Generate QR codes

Recently Snapchat have introduced their own unique QR coded images to encourage people to follow an account. These images are instantly recognisable as the Snapchat ghost, and once you take a photo of the image with Snapchat you will be following the account – so this is a simple way to get users from one platform to start following you on another. This example from Sour Patch Kids shows how simple it is to do (their Snapchat content is great too!)

When you’re building a following, or just trying to increase your followers, highlighting the platform to your existing audience is always a great place to start. Hopefully these examples have provided some ideas of how your institution can do this in an interesting way.

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