Five Links On Friday: Education Policies

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As there are only two weeks to go until the general election, we’ve done something a little bit different for today’s Five Links On Friday post.

So while it’s tempting to talk about the unlikely rise of the #milifandom or the social media dangers of badly photoshopping pictures in your manifesto, I thought I’d see what each party had to say about education.

Here at Pickle Jar we’re pretty interested in what the main parties have to say about how they’ll make changes to the schools, colleges and universities of the UK, so here are a few analyses of the key policies…

To start with, here’s the Labour education manifesto analysed by Durham University’s Professor Steve Higgins:

Simon Burgess from Bristol University takes a look at the Liberal Democrat policies:

The team at WonkHe examine the Conservatives’ plans for education:

Mark Leach from WonkHE looks over what the SNP plans to bring to the education debate:


UKIP’s education policies are outlined by THE:

Profesor Daniel Muijs from the University of Southampton gives his views on the Green Party’s education plans:

(Yes, I know that was six links. I’m being as impartial as possible here…)

I hope that’s been helpful. Remember, you can keep up to date with everything that’s going on at Pickle Jar by following us on Twitter.

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