Five Links On Friday: General Election

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The votes have been cast and counted, and we’ve got a new government. Whatever you feel about the new Conservative administration and however you voted, it’s impossible to deny that this was an emotional and, at times, exciting general election campaign.

Given their expertise in the area, it was no surprise to see universities getting involved in some online activity in the last few days – political debates, analysis of potential coalition governments, or highlighting their involvement in the electoral process.

Here are a few of our favourites from the last couple of days:

The University of Manchester gave advice on who to follow for election news and opinions:

The University of Lincoln helped students find out where their polling station was:

And Bath Spa University projected their own manifesto onto a campus building…

Did you see any interesting political updates from universities during the election campaign? Let us know if you did…

Meanwhile, we were also keeping an eye out for interesting things from around the internet. Here are this weeks five Pickle Jar links:

Is your website optimised for mobile search? Google says devices are used for searching more than desktops computers:

The Complete University Guide has released a list of the top ten universities for job prospects:

Online learning is a growth market right now – in this article, Chronicle takes a look at the lessons of MOOCs:

Charities looking at ways to improve their donations from social media should take a look at Facebook’s “donate now” button:

Finally this week… although we now know the results of the election, this look at the future of higher education under different parties makes for interesting “what might have been” reading:

Thanks for reading, and have a great weekend!

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