Five Links On Friday: Exam Stress

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One of the big trends for universities this summer is providing physical spaces for students to reduce their exam stress. There are some more traditional efforts, such as mediation classes and exam advice, but we’ve also seen universities offering free breakfasts, bouncy castles, and ball pools for students who want to clear their minds before tackling the hard work of academic endeavour.

But one theme seems to come up again and again in these de-stressing tactics: cute animals.

We’ve seen several examples of universities using puppies to de-stress students, like the University of Bristol:

Otago University in New Zealand has gone for kittens, which feels slightly less calming to me…


Bath Spa University, though, have taken the animal idea and run with it, bringing in a whole petting zoo:

If you’ve seen any other great de-stressing techniques from schools, colleges or universities, get in touch.

For the first of our five links this week, Rosie took a look at how to make your school events come alive on social media:

Communicating with young people is not simply a matter of” talking their language” – in fact, that can damage your attempts:

We like research which reveals how people like to consume different media, so this news about the reading habits of young people was very interesting:

Robots running Twitter accounts is nothing new, but Edinburgh University has made theirs a little more interesting:

And finally, as part of our Events theme for this month, here are a few things coming up that you might want to take a look at (including the livestream for Tracy’s talk at Confab Central in Minneapolis today/tonight):

That’s it for today. Have a great bank holiday weekend and we’ll be back next week.

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