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We’re big fans of alternative communication methods here at Pickle Jar, especially when they’re a bit humorous. That’s why we’ve been pleased to see quite a few pieces in the news about emoji.

It seems to have started with a professor from Bangor University who revealed last week that emoji is the UK’s fastest-growing language, and provided a helpful guide for those who were feeling left behind:

For some journalists this was all too much, and they tried to stem the tide:

Others embraced the emoji, offering a more detailed look at some of the images available:

But some media outlets have been using emoji for a while now. The BBC’s Newsbeat even has a quiz of the week’s news in emoji form:

Anyway, as the UK’s fastest-growing language it’s probably worth getting to grips with emoji. In fact, we might have some advice in that vein coming up very soon…


It’s a natural instinct for teachers to want to take pupils’ phones away from them – but maybe we should be looking at how we can make devices tools for good in the classroom?

This year’s Guardian University Guide is now available – take a look at the full rankings:

As part of our month of event-themed blog posts, Emma explores ways to take your events online:

MOOCs are a great way to offer education to a wide range of students, but what happens when we personalise the course?

And to round off this week, the story of a college newspaper that took its operation entirely online:

Get in touch if there’s anything we’ve posted this week that you want to talk about, or if you just want a chat! Have a great weekend, and we’ll see you next week.


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