Five Links On Friday: #EdexcelMaths

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It’s exam season in the UK. This can be a stressful time for students of all ages, but there’s an advantage for those taking their GCSE or A level exams right now – they can share their reactions with their peers from all over the country with a single tweet.

Yesterday afternoon the hashtag #EdexcelMaths shot to the top of the trending topics list on Twitter after what seems to have been a particularly hard maths exam. As always happens with popular Twitter discussions, the story made it into the news:

Communities can form in an instant on social media. When so many people across the country share in the same experience like this, it’s not surprising to see such an outpouring of feeling.

Because this appears to have been an unexpected trending topic, we only noticed one brand getting in on the action – Newcastle’s very own Greggs:

While I’m always happy to see Greggs getting a laugh, it strikes me that this was a very specific trend – it’s the shared experience among the students that makes it so popular. It was a “you had to be there” moment, rather than something that anyone could jump on.

That said, if you saw any good examples of brands joining in with #EdexcelMaths, let me know.

Now, our favourite five links from the past week:

The 2015 Meeker Report shows that we might be moving from public social media to private messaging:

The British Council has outlined some of the challenges and opportunities for students who might want to study abroad as part of their time at university:

Our blog theme this month is “campaigns”. Tracy gets us started with her introduction to the concept:

Do colleges need to hold open days? takes a look at the differences between college and university open days:

There’s big gif news this week as Facebook announces that it will allow the format to play in its feed. Hootsuite looks at how to find them:

That’s all for this week. If you want to know more about anything we’ve posted recently, just get in touch.

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