Five Links On Friday: Budget 2015

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This week we saw George Osborne deliver the first budget of this parliament – the first budget by a Conservative majority government for nearly two decades.

Alongside the news about a “national living wage” and the scrapping of inheritance tax, there were some announcements that could have a big impact on the higher education sector in the UK.

You might already know the basics, so we’ve rounded up a few responses from around the web for you:



We’ll have to keep an eye on this in the coming months and years to see what difference this budget has on university application rates.

And now, our favourite links from the last week or so:

First up, an article from last week which highlights some mistakes people make on Pinterest – and what they can teach us:

Next up, Emma talks to us about student voices – and how you can add them to your own:

Students (and their parents) are always keen to find out about post-uni employment prospects:

More updates from Facebook that advertisers might need to be aware of:

And finally this week, an interesting look at the internet from the viewpoint of a teenager:

That’s it for now. Get in touch if there’s anything you want to talk to us about, and we’ll see you next week.

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