Five Links On Friday: GCSE Results

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Just as day follows night and summer follows spring, so does GCSE results day follow A Level results day

While it’s still an incredibly important day in the lives of the students receiving their results, the annual unveiling of GCSE stats doesn’t seem to fire up the rest of the country in quite the same way. One of the most interesting things that happened yesterday was that the misspelling “GSCE” started trending on Twitter, thanks to a lot of news organisations making the error in their articles.

Some brands made attempts to appeal to the 16-year-old demographic in the midst of their celebrations. I particularly liked Tesco’s effort, which made a call back to the #EdExcelMaths debacle from June:

Pizza Express took a double-pronged approach to reaching teens: free food and Snapchat – a winning combination.

On the whole, though, there wasn’t too much trend-jumping by non-education brands this year – unlike last week’s A Level results. Are brands wary of targeting school-age teenagers thanks to increased regulations around advertising? Have marketers decided that teenagers are getting savvy to their methods and aren’t sure what to do instead? Or is everyone just on holiday?

Anyway, on to our top five links we’ve seen around the web recently…

First up this week, some ideas for experimenting on social media from Ellie:

We’ve talked in the past about using student vloggers to help provide an authentic voice for your marketing. You might want to be aware of new rules around vlogs and advertising:

It’s taken a while, but WhatsApp is now available for iOS. Maybe now is a good time to start experimenting?

I recently offered a few ideas on how you can mitigate some of the risk when you’re experimenting. One for the more cautious among you:

And finally, it turns out popular fantasy is actually a metaphor for academia. No, really…

That’s all for this week. Get in touch if you want to chat about anything you’ve read on our blog, and we’ll be back next week.

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