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As the great man once asked:

So it turns out we might be a step closer to answering David Bowie’s question.

It was big news all over the internet on Monday when Nasa revealed that it had discovered evidence of flowing liquid water on Mars.

Obviously this has huge implications for future exploration of the Red Planet, but I was more interested in what the education sector would have to say about it – it’s the result of a long period of scientific research and investigation, so it’s right up their alley. Isn’t it?

A student at the University of Arizona was responsible for finding the initial clues that led to this discovery, so it’s no surprise that they wanted to be involved:

I also found a few articles in which university academics commented on different aspects of the news, such as UCL offering a view on how to carry on studying the area without contaminating the water:

I was pleased to see the University of Canberra having a laugh with it:

@nasa weren't the only ones who found water on Mars… ? #mars #universityofcanberra #pun #marsannouncement

A photo posted by University of Canberra (@unicanberra) on

But beyond that, there was very little from any education voices on this story.

I’m surprised that there weren’t more universities and educational institutions getting involved. Obviously very few people knew what the exact details of the announcement were beforehand, but there were still opportunities to be had.

Engineering departments could comment on the technology involved in the discovery, Physics or Astronomy academics could talk about the role of Mars in the next stage of space exploration, and even the English department could suggest a list of five great examples of Mars in literature.

But no-one really did anything. I think this is a shame, as this is an area where universities can really show off their expertise in a specialised, but very popular, field. Maybe next time…

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That’s it for this week. If you want to talk about any of the things you’ve read on our blog, please drop us a line.

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