Five Links On Friday: Cheeky Aldi

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The Christmas shopping season is in full swing. Today is Black Friday, the frantic discount shopping day imported from the US that causes scenes of devastation across the country. Thankfully our own homeland of the North East seems to have escaped so far:

But the Christmas shopping promotion that caught my eye this week wasn’t Black Friday, it was a TV ad. Most of the major retailers released their high-budget festive messages a few weeks ago, but Aldi decided to follow up their original offering by taking a poke at John Lewis’s “Man On The Moon” tear-jerker.

What I love about this ad is that it’s perfectly in line with Aldi’s brand. The company’s slogan is “Like Brands, Only Cheaper”. What better way to demonstrate that than by making a cheaper version of a well-known brand’s Christmas ad?

There are times when copying the success of others is just lazy and opportunistic, but Aldi have struck the right note here – it’s fun, it’s timely, and it’s absolutely on-message. Well played.

On to this week’s links, starting with some great community engagement stories:

We’ll start with a great example from the New York Times, who have created profiles of their regular commenters:

And more engagement stories – from universities this time – thanks to GuildHE:

This week’s big news was the spending review, which had some important changes for the education sector. WonkHE looks at the HE implications:

This week Altman gave us some insights into how to monitor social media for you mentions in China:

And to finish off the week, some super-useful stats for all comms professionals:

That’s it for this week. Get in touch if you want to talk about how great the Aldi ad is, or anything else that takes your fancy. We’ll be back next week, by which time our Christmas tree will be up.

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