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Access our free Content Marketing for Schools guide now.

Content marketing is riding a wave of popularity right now, and organisations that are not on that crest of the wave are about to start missing out. But how can schools gain a competitive advantage in attracting parents and families through a content marketing approach?

Here at Pickle Jar Communications, having worked with over 130 schools, colleges and universities around the world to help them advance their content strategy and content marketing, we’ve decided to share some of our thoughts and secrets.

So, we’ve produced a free guide to Content Marketing for Schools for you to download. This 10-page guide includes templates, advice and guidance for getting your school on the right track with your content marketing approach.

Our free guide aims to:

– explain what content marketing is and why it’s important
– understand how schools can use this approach and why
– better understand your audience
– start planning your content ideas
– understand what makes great online content
– think about how to put content marketing into action when working in the confines of a small school marketing operation.

Written with schools in mind, it includes sample template fields to move you in the right directions, and tips specifically tailored for small school marketing teams, sole marketers or Head teachers.

Access the guide for free here, and tell us what you think!

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