Five Links on Friday: Politics Lessons

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There has been a lot going on in the world of politics recently. A LOT. Even if you normally turn a blind eye, it has been hard to miss out on the trials and tribulations of Brexit and the US election in the past few months.

But what is happening in the political climate at the moment will have an effect on everyone, so it’s been great to see institutions in the education sector making sure their audiences are well informed on the situation. Here are some examples that we’ve noticed over the past couple of weeks…

The University of Cambridge recently held a week of talks on Brexit, with contributions from their academics and specialist from further afield. With the hope of reaching more than just their students, they recorded the discussions and shared them on SoundCloud:

For non-political geniuses, hearing the phrase ‘Article 50’ might leave you slightly puzzled. The Digital Content team at the University of Northampton put together this piece on Medium which explains exactly what it means for the country. We really like the lighthearted sub-headings to break the text down:

The Association of Heads of University Administration reached out to their target audience with this topical piece on their blog:

Over in the States, New York University share a list of all the election related articles their academics have featured in or written:

We’ll find out next week whether Donald will trump Hilary in the US election. But until then, why not read some of these hand-picked marketing and communications goodies from the past week…

First up, a successful collaboration between UCL and Periscope means that we might be seeing more live-streamed lectures in the future:

Struggling with your research? Hootsuite share some really good tips to get you on the right path to data:

Medium is a great platform to tell stories. They’ve released three new features to help improve your writing experience:

Chatbots have landed at Twitter, but do you think they’ll improve customer service? Campaign investigates:

In our last Tweet, Comms 2 Point 0 help you improve your security by discussing the importance of closing down those forgotten accounts:

That’s it for this week but next week look out for our latest blog post and you can always catch us on Twitter if you want to chat.

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