Tik Tok: A new trend on China’s social media market

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You are not up to speed if you still haven’t heard of Tik Tok. This is the “new sexy” on China’s social media market.

Back in September 2016, a Chinese mobile video community app called Tik Tok (In Chinese: Douyin/ https://www.douyin.com) was launched. The app is similar to musical.ly, which was also founded by Chinese engineers but most popular with young Western people. Tik Tok allows users to share 15-sec music videos of their own creation.

No one expected that the launch of Tik Tok would challenge the existing giants’ monopoly of the social media market. Unlike musical.ly, which is primarily based on ordinary young people’s user-generated content, Tik Tok leans more on the popularity of celebrities. It encourages pop stars and influencers from other platforms to sign up for Tik Tok accounts, and sponsored a popular online TV show – “The Rap of China”.

This celebrity-driven marketing strategy has made Tik Tok the most successful video-community app in China and beyond. In May 2017, the views of Tik Tok’s video reached 100 million per day. Three months later, this figure shot up to 1 billion. In November 2017, Tik Tok even acquired musical.ly – its main competitor in the Western market (statistics from: http://news.zol.com.cn/679/6795098.html).

In particular, Tik Tok is most popular with young Chinese people. Statistics show 85 per cent of Tik Tok users are aged under 24. Recently, even a department of the Chinese government (focusing on the youth community) has realised the great potential of Tik Tok for engaging with the young people, and has signed up for an official account on the platform.

Young Chinese people aged under 24 are typically students at secondary school or universities. They are the target audience for universities’ recruitment. Time is ticking, and it’s not going to be long before Western universities need to consider the possibility of getting on board with Tik Tok.

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