University Clearing: The 2018 round-up

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For many students, Clearing day is make or break-time. But students aren’t the only ones being put to the test. Each year universities spend months planning and implementing the perfect Clearing campaign to attract students to their university. So who has created engaging campaigns to become this year’s success stories?

In this post we share the most innovative 2018 Clearing campaigns and why we love them.


This year, universities tried to appeal to their student audience by employing a range of tones, from controversial to lighthearted. But was it a success? Let’s take a look.

Nottingham Trent University
Sorry, not sorry

Many universities chose to attempt a young, playful tone, by adapting the language of a break-up.

Nottingham’s, “sorry not sorry” slogan was bold and kicked off their Clearing campaign with a confident message.

University of Roehampton
I’ve got a text

Not surprisingly, the Love Island craze was more intense than ever, but the lexicon of the show seems to have crept into new areas. Here,  the University of Roehampton is encompassing the light-hearted, playful tone of the show, using the language of dating and relationships to appeal to students.

While academics and non-students may not enjoy these communication tactics, it’s definitely getting students attention.


St Mary’s University
Tom Grennan

Influencers, such as Tom Grennan, can be gold dust when it comes to Clearing. They help add some fun and excitement to a day that fills many students with dread. If nothing else, influencers make your university stand out from the crowd of repetitive messages. This is a great strategy to implement in a Clearing campaign.


University of South Wales
Unleash your colours

This campaign is pure fun. Vibrant colours, students jumping through coloured smoke, inspiring quotes such as “be bold, be you”.  It’s everything a traditionally inspiring campaign should be. While some may say it is cliche, it could be exactly the positive message that an indecisive student needs to hear while wading through an inbox full of Clearing messages.

University of Leicester
Launch yourself

This very simple collaboration between the University of Leicester and The National Space Centre is the perfect package of inspiration. Their accompanying hashtag #launchyourself, sends a very positive message to students and gives the university a dynamic personality.


Leeds Beckett University
Amazon Alexa and chat-bots

This year universities are becoming more innovative with their Clearing communications. Here’s a great example of a university’s strategy implementing new technology. The use of Amazon Alexa and chatbots show how Leeds Beckett are forward-thinking, something many students will appreciate. Their chatbot even made offers to students – now that’s innovation.

Birmingham City University
Slide into our DMs

This change to Birmingham City University’s Clearing process is an exciting move. The ability to apply to courses via social media DMs makes the process less daunting and more accessible for students. Paired with their fun, youthful language, “slide into our DMs,” this will definitely get students attention.


Newcastle University

This year many universities made strong use of their social media, producing reactive content to answer students’ questions.

Newcastle University made fun, reactive content integral to Clearing strategy through the use of Instagram. Their team shared videos and images sent in by successful applicants, creating a buzz of excitement and a sense of community.

University of Gloucestershire
Campus tours 

The University of Gloucestershire also nailed their social media during Clearing 2018. They had campus tours led by students and Q&As featured on their Instagram stories throughout the day. This is a great example of reactive content and shows how being present is vital during moments like Clearing season.

If we missed any exciting content from Clearing 2018 then get in touch on Twitter. If you would like help creating your next campaign, please get in touch. We’re here to help.

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  • Ben - Reply

    August 17, 2018 at 4:01 pm

    Essex, great campaign, are you joking? There’s a stream of people slating their tweets trashing other universities as embarrassing and sad, you only have to look at their comments. Clearly you’ve haven’t read the reaction well.

    • Rosie Wowk - Reply

      August 21, 2018 at 8:23 am

      Hi Ben, thanks for your comment. We added in this Tweet from the University of Essex because we thought the first Tweet sat with the overall tone of their feed. But we do agree that later Tweets were a step too far across the line. I have now removed the Tweet from our post. Rosie

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