Engaging student communities on Zhihu

Image of the Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai, China. Overlay text reads, "Engaging with Student Communities on Zhihu."

What is Zhihu and why are students engaging with its content? Our Chinese Social Media Specialist explains why this community question-answering site is so popular in China.

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What is content strategy?

What do we mean by “content strategy”? Rachel explores the evolution of the term while sharing our own developed definition of content strategy.

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University Clearing: The 2018 round-up

Our intern, Kathryn Dunn, shares the stand out 2018 Clearing campaigns from UK universities in our annual round-up post.

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Campus Community Building for Introverts

"Campus Community Building For Introverts" over a black and white image of a man sitting down on a ledge in vast space

When you design a campaign, do you make it accessible for introverts? In this post, CEO, Tracy Playle, shares her advice on how to include them.

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Is your university’s story a 2,000 word Tinder bio?

In his latest post, our Head of Content, John Hill, explains why less is more in storytelling and how to plant the seed of a great story for your audience.

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