What makes good quality content?

A variety of cooking ingredients, including spoonfuls of spices and circles of onions, next to a saucepan. Text reads "What makes good quality content?"

Depending on your role, different skillsets may judge the quality of content in different ways. Our Senior Content Strategist defines eight key pillars of good quality content.

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How to create impactful alt text for your images

A person staring a wall of framed pictures. Text reads "How to create impactful alt text for your images".

Descriptions are important. Accessibility is important. Your images need alt text. Our Senior Content Strategist shares how to create descriptive and impactful alt text.

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A-levels 2020: Mapping the online discourse

A data visualisation of Twitter conversations during A-level results 2020. Text reads "A-levels 2020: Mapping the online discourse".

There was a lot of A-level and university application discourse on Twitter as results were released. Our Head of Research decided to map out the interactions and influence online to find out what was going on in these conversations.

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Results day reactions: What are A-level students thinking right now?

A person with question marks above their head. Text reads "What are A-level students thinking right now?'

How did A-level students react to results day? Our Research Analyst carried out social listening on results day to see how students were thinking and feeling about their grades – and, importantly, their futures.

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Why you should use camel case for your hashtags

A camel. Text reads "Why you should use camel case for your hashtags". you should use

Want to improve the readability and accessibility of your hashtags? Use camel case. Our Senior Content Strategist explores how and why camel case can be used for your social media channels.

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