AHUA: Engaging Members and Raising Profile

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The Association of Heads of University Administration (AHUA) is the representative body for senior university managers in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

In Summer 2014 we were commissioned to develop a communications strategy for the AHUA, and have been working with them ever since to implement that strategy.

Our strategy outlined a vision for positioning the AHUA as a “go to” authority on higher education leadership and governance, showcasing the knowledge and expertise of its members, and improving and enhancing ongoing communications with and between members.

Since developing the strategy, we have supported the AHUA with the redevelopment of their website, and establishing a new blog for members to write on higher education issues of governance, regulation, funding and operations.

We have also developed their presence on Twitter and LinkedIn, building an audience of influencers within the sector, partner organisations, members and staff within institutions across the UK. Social media activity here has a strong focus on reaching targeted audiences, rather than spreading far and wide.

Our work to improve communications with members continues, focusing on creating informative and useful content, building regular e-newsletters and developing a forum for members to discuss and collaborate, adding further value to their membership of the AHUA.

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