Teesside University: A Roadmap for a Digital Future

Teesside University is a thriving institution based in the North East of England with a vision to positively impact on the lives of students and the local economy, and to connect and grow internationally.

The University is ambitious, and committed to marketing, communications and engagement with the communities that it serves, and a drive to embrace new approaches.

Recognising some barriers to advancing digital engagement activity, but nevertheless still making significant and successful steps forwards, the University decided to develop a roadmap towards a bigger and more cohesive strategy for digital engagement. That’s where Pickle Jar Communications came in.

We worked with the University over a period of several months to evaluate their existing position, barriers and opportunities, and craft a roadmap for the work ahead to really shape and implement an exciting digital future for engagement activities. This included a vision for the website, but also considering how digital integrates across multiple touchpoints, online and offline.

Our work included extensive stakeholder research, including on-site workshops, audience research, and reviews of existing activity. In addition, we also produced a digital trends report for the University, outlining emerging trends in digital communications and marketing broadly, and those directly in higher education. This would help shape our roadmap for a digital futures vision for the University.

Our work culminated in a report that outlined six core work packages for the University to advance over the coming months and years in order to define and implement their digital vision. This included:

  • Advancing an audience-first approach
  • Content design, modelling and strategy
  • Technology and systems developments
  • Integration approaches, blending channels and experience design
  • A review of resource, and approach to digital integration
  • Development of a robust digital governance approach.

A planning workshop was held with key staff to help prioritise the roadmap and ensure that the final work packages were ones that they could really get behind and develop.

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  • Teesside University
  • 2016

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