University of London: Embracing writing for the web


In 2017, the University of London decided to re-launch its website to highlight the benefits it offered for a new generation of students across the world. But explaining the University to an unfamiliar audience wasn’t necessarily an easy task.

The University is made up of 18 independent member institutions, each of whom are considered universities in their own right. It boasts more than a century of experience in distance learning and offers courses in more than 180 countries, as well as providing foundation, undergraduate, postgraduate, diploma and research degrees.

As part of its commitment to explaining its many facets, the University of London decided to train content editors from across the institution. These editors would help shape the character of the site, its focus, and develop the content that would sell the University to prospective students across the globe.

The University brought in Pickle Jar Communications to help its selected content editors consider how to make the most of the chance to re-shape the site. Over a period of three weeks, Pickle Jar ran several workshops on site for different groups of editors. Attendees considered how to tailor their writing for online mediums, what to bear in mind in terms of accessibility and layout, and started to develop a style that would attract readers while encouraging them to explore further.

Are you looking to involve more of your team in shaping how your website or content looks? Pickle Jar Communications offers a range of bespoke training sessions and workshops to help you consider how to think differently about how you communicate. Contact us to find out more.


Image: Photo by DAVID ILIFF. License: CC BY-SA 3.0

  • University of London
  • Summer 2017

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