Research & Benchmarking


We believe that every great plan starts with a clear idea of what’s happening outside – and inside – your organisation. That’s why Pickle Jar offers thorough and incisive research, so you can discover what your stakeholders and audience need.

Our Research and Insights team can carry out analytics and user experience reviews of your current content, talk to stakeholders and audience to get an idea of their priorities, and help you learn about – and from – your competitors.


Bespoke Research and Benchmarking Projects

Sit down with us, and talk about what you need to know. We can speak to your audience or your team, analyse your website, social media and content, or provide recommendations for next steps based on firm insights.


Research and Benchmarking Packages

Content Review

How is your content currently doing? We’ll go through your activity carefully, considering how it is performing and how it looks.

Competitor Benchmarking

Can you learn from your competitors? We carry out a quantitative analysis of where you stand in your field, using a range of metrics.

Influencer Mapping

Who are the people you really need to reach? We reveal the key influencers in your target area, and how to get their attention.

A closer look…

University College London (UCL) wanted to gain a better understanding of who their influencers were on social media sites. Who talks about them and gains visibility and influence over their brand as a consequence?.

We defined a completely bespoke methodology using a range of tools and visual mapping techniques to provide this data and insights, as well as provide recommendations for how to engage with those influencers. We also repeated the exercise for particular topics of interest to the University.