Incoming student perspectives study

Find out what your new students really think of you – while they are still new


How often do you take the time to evaluate the success of your summer communications for new students? Do you rely on surveying first years later in the academic year when the experience is no longer fresh? Do you really understand what was memorable and what was influential for incoming students as they join? Are you able to take a holistic view across all channels from digital and social media to print and face-to-face interactions as your students arrive? Are you frustrated with trying to coordinate research across multiple departments of your institution?

Let us do the hard work for you with our incoming students perception study.

We’ll work with you to understand how pre-university communications affect new students’ attitudes towards the institution, how they influence their expectations, and how their initial relationships with different parts of the university are forming.

Through a combination of quantitative and qualitative research, including observational research of online student behaviours, we’ll focus on:

• Student perceptions of your brand as they join your institution
Understanding the impact and recall of communications they’ve received through the summer, including welcome and arrival information across digital, social media, print and in person
• Confirming the balance of impact between messaging from the university (centrally), departments, and the Unio
• Insights into networks of influence around them at this stage

We’ll tailor our approach to what is feasible within your institution and based on what you have produced for incoming students, but will also include standard questions and methods to enable us to benchmark in the future. Find out more about similar work we’ve carried out in our Research section.


You will receive:

• A full report identifying student perceptions at the start of this academic year, including some clear benchmarks which you can measure for future intakes
• Recommendations for next steps to improve the impact of your communications on incoming students
• A summary of suggestions for ways to coordinate and streamline activities across institutional departments
• Ideas for maintaining good early impressions and identifying opportunities for how to create the foundation of a lifelong relationship


How much will this cost?

• The cost of the full review is £4,500 + VAT for either undergraduate or postgraduate students
• For both cohorts, the cost is £7,500 + VAT


Sector Benchmarking

As additional organisations participate in this study, we will also provide a sector benchmark report for you in addition for free.


Find out more

Contact our Head of Research, Robert Perry, to discuss signing up for the incoming students perception study for your organisation (