University Clearing: The 2017 round-up

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After months and months of preparation, universities launched into results day yesterday.

While some students celebrate being accepted into university, other students wait in anticipation for a day of Clearing calls.

What campaigns have universities created this year to attract the best students through Clearing? In this post, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite campaigns from 2017.


University of Warwick

My Clearing Experience

There is nothing that students need more on results day than reassurance. Some may not have expected to be in this position, so clear and calm videos of positive experiences from students who have been in the very same shoes will be extremely comforting. The videos were used on the University’s Clearing site and their social platforms.

Middlesex University

Pepper the Robot

Going through Clearing may be one of the most stressful times for students – the daunting phone call and the anxious wait for your university offer.

To calm students before Clearing, Middlesex University have created a YouTube video featuring their very own Pepper the Robot. Full of mindfulness tips and breathing exercises, the video effectively showcases their support for students and the technological achievements of their Science and Technology Faculty.

University of Huddersfield

This is University of Huddersfield Clearing

In the build up to Clearing, University of Huddersfield posted striking videos and GIFs across their social media channels offering tips and advice for students. Their advice was useful and clear, putting the student first and not the University.

On the day of Clearing, keeping with the bold graphics used in their previous tips videos, Huddersfield highlighted some of their best-known achievements in further snappy content.

Imagery and graphics

University of Warwick

Clearing infographic

There is a lot of information to get to grips with to make sure you fully understand the Clearing process. This beautifully designed infographic from the University of Warwick breaks down that information into bite size chunks that are much easier to consume than a page full of text.

University of Stirling

Personalised graphics

To welcome students who had gained their university place through Clearing, University of Stirling created personalised graphics on Twitter using colourful and branded imagery. This a good example of using social media platforms to interact with students, and shows how effective real-time personalised content can be.

University of Westminster

Did you know? series

The University of Westminster used a range of animated graphics to showcase several reasons to apply for Clearing at Westminster. By using animation, Westminster brought their content to life and created beautiful imagery that is far more interesting to read than normal statistics.


University of Bradford

Instagram Stories animation

When I woke up on Clearing morning, one of the first things I did was check Instagram Stories to see what universities had been doing in the early hours. Amongst all the samey images of call centre set-ups, there was this nice animation from the University of Bradford letting students know which social channels they can use to receive an offer. Students looking on social media are probably the ones who are more likely to want to receive an offer on social media, so this was a great tactic from Bradford to reach their audience.

Screengrabs of Bradford's Instagram Stories campaign

Kingston University

Instagram video

Clearing shouldn’t be feared by students, but rather seen as an opportunity. Kingston University’s comedic Instagram video reminds students to not miss out on that chance.

Kingston’s video brilliantly uses comedy to create great content with a clear message of being prepared for Clearing, yet without the seriousness of other content for Clearing.  By including humour in their content, Kingston demonstrates how effective comedic content can be – especially when dealing with stressful, serious situations such as Clearing.

Sussex University

Fire Alarm

It’s the busiest day of the academic year, all of the phones start to ring and… the fire alarm unexpectedly starts to go off. With students continuing to call for Clearing, Sussex University handled an inconvenient situation incredibly well with the help of Instagram stories. Another great example of using humour to lighten an otherwise stressful situation.

University of Manchester

Campus Tour on Instagram Stories

On the day of Clearing, many universities used Instagram Stories to showcase their campus with a tour from university ambassadors. Scrolling through campus tour after campus tour, University of Manchester caught my attention with their use of Boomerangs, stickers and filters. Manchester’s content was fun, friendly and presented by students who looked genuinely happy to study at University of Manchester. A great use of university ambassadors to create relatable and relevant content for Clearing students.


University of Portsmouth

Live Q&A

The day before all the madness happened, University of Portsmouth had one of their student ambassadors hold a live Q&A on their channel. What I liked about this Q&A was that they offered contact details and signposted students to the right information as well as giving them a quick rundown on Snapchat.


University of Bournemouth

Hourly Facebook Live Streams

Clearing can seem like an incredibly long, never-ending day for students searching for university places. University of Bournemouth scheduled their Facebook Live streams hourly throughout the whole day at the Clearing office and at accommodation halls to provide ongoing support, advice and guidance.

Welcome to Bournemouth Pier! This is our third Clearing tour of the day. Please post any questions to us below!

Posted by Bournemouth University on Thursday, August 17, 2017


University of Hull

Facebook Live-Stream

The pressure to create live content is high – especially with Facebook Q&As which entirely relies on students submitting questions to be answered. University of Hull created a beautifully edited, interesting, seamless Facebook live stream which answered students questions, interviewed former Clearing students and went ‘behind-the-scenes’ into the Clearing call centre. Hull’s Facebook Live showcases well-organised live content which balances scripted content and interactive student-generated content.

#Clearing 2017 LIVE

It's #ResultsDay! We're coming to you live from our call centre where we'll be chatting to staff and students and taking YOUR questions.Leave your questions for our Clearing students in the comments below.

Posted by University of Hull on Thursday, August 17, 2017


Newcastle University

Clearing Alerts

Newcastle University took a different approach to reach prospective students by using WhatsApp to alert them of their Clearing opportunities. The alerts focus on help and guidance, available courses and tips and advice for landing your dream course.

Matt Horne, digital marketing and social media officer at Newcastle University was quoted in a Guardian Higher Education article saying, “Students sign up for personalised information on the clearing process, course places and help and advice around results day – and this year we’re extending that to WhatsApp, so they get alerts straight to their phones.”

De Monfort University

DMU is also taking advantage of the popular messaging app by offering places directly through the app.

Using influencers

Birmingham City University

Sir Lenny Henry

When you’ve got a Chancellor as cool as Lenny Henry, it would be silly not to get them involved in the action of Results Day and Clearing. I was feeling tempted to call their Clearing hotline myself just to talk to Sir Len. Influencers can help you widen your normal reach and get your name out there.

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