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Western businesses are increasingly recognising the popularity of WeChat with Chinese users and have started using this platform to engage with their Chinese customers.

In a previous blog post, I talked about how to sign up for a public account with WeChat. However, the purpose of engaging with audiences cannot be accomplished without a good strategy: this is not only about creative content planning. Optimised formatting of this content is also important because it helps make the content catchy, attracting audience attention. In this blog post, I will talk you through how to format the content for your WeChat public account.

WeChat has an interface that supports basic content editing, enabling users to change the font, align texts, and add images. Luckily, there are also online tools available that are powerful and easy-to-use.

1. 135 Editor

135 Editor is probably the most popular text editor for WeChat. The advantage of this editor is the number of formatting tools provided. Using 135, you can format your texts in a number of ways, such as changing text colour and adding background images.

Screen grab of the 135 Editor

WeChat formatting tool – 135 Editor

In order to use 135 Editor, you have to sign up with your WeChat account. It also features a database, which stores a variety of well-designed templates. Some templates are only available to VIP users. You may wish to subscribe to 135 Editor’s VIP service if you feel it is necessary (from ¥15 to ¥149 per month – £1.75 ~ £17.38 depending on the number of public accounts you are administering).

One interesting feature is that 135 Editor supports font size 15 – this font size was found the most suitable for displaying on mobile screen but not supported by the default text-editing tool provided by WeChat.

2. Xiumi Editor

The use of Xiumi is similar to 135 Editor. The most notable characteristic of this editor is its large template database. Thousands of free templates are provided which allows you to edit content with a single click of mouse.

Screen grab of the Xiumi Editor

WeChat formatting tool – Xiumi Editor

A useful feature of Xiumi is that it supports personalised margin setting. This feature allows you to find the optimised margin size for your specific content. In addition, there are two versions of Xiumi Editor available on the Internet. The 2.0 version is recommended as it is more powerful and provides more useful features.

Editing Tips

Font Size: We recommend using font size 14-16 for your texts. We found these font sizes are most suitable for displaying on a mobile screen.

Line Spacing: We recommend using 1.5 ~ 2.0 line spacing. This makes your texts more readable.

Margin: WeChat default text formatting does not allow personalised margins. However, we recommend using online editing tools to set 12-15 margin size for your text. We found that the texts formatted with this margin size are most suitable for displaying on mobile screens.

Alignment: Unlike English, there is no spacing between different Chinese words. Justifying text is recommended for WeChat as it makes the texts clear and tidy.

The two text editors are handy tools to manage the formatting of texts accordingly.

These days, the WeChat public account has become an increasingly important channel through which Chinese users obtain daily information. These users often subscribe to a number of accounts. Thus, it is important to format your content effectively in order to catch their attention.

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