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The content strategy community is constantly buzzing with ideas and its members are inspiring each other with their latest projects and findings. We’re like one big family.

So we thought we’d share some of our favourite Tweeters from within the community to follow so your feed is brimming with the best content strategy knowledge.

Book club

1. Kristina Halvorson@halvorson – She is the founder of Brain Traffic, Confab AND she wrote the pioneering book, Content Strategy for the Web. 

2. Mike Atherton@MikeAtherton – Author and Content Strategist. Mike shares great content about his book Designing Connected Content and user experience. 

3. Erika Hall@mulegirl – Co-founder of Mule Design and author of Conversational Design.

4. Sarah Richards@escmum – Sarah is the person behind the concept of ‘content design’. Her book Content Design is practical, inspiring and a must-read – her feed certainly reflects this. Plus, she was a keynote speaker at ContentEd in both 2018 and 2019.

5. Michael Andrews@storyneedle – Author. Content Strategist. UXer. His feed is full of thoughts on category data and the digital age.

6. Sara Wachter-Boettcher@sara_ann_marie ‏- Author of Technically Wrong. On her feed she shares her feminist perspective on tech and insight from the events she attends, including how to own your expertise and communicate with confidence. 

7. Carrie Hane /  @carriehd – Carrie is the co-author of Designing Connected Content and a content strategy consultant, she really knows her stuff. See her feed for great content on user experience, content design and using empathy.

8. Scott Kubie / @scottkubie ‏- Author of Writing for Designers and Lead Content Strategist at Brain Traffic. Scott is sure to brighten up your feed with his witty tweets, great findings into UX writing, and his blog posts for Brain Traffic.

9. Margot Bloomstein@mbloomstein – Margot is the author of Content Strategy at Work and (most importantly) a dog lover. You’ll find tweets on American politics and the perils of remote working over on her feed.

10. Lisa Welchman@lwelchman – Lisa is an expert in digital governance and the author of Managing Chaos. She shares great articles and resources about digital safety and her thoughts on current affairs and diversity. 

11. Robert Mills@RobertMills – Head of Content at GatherContent, author, speaker, you name it, Robert can do it. He organises hugely insightful content webinars and his feed is full of their highlights. 

12. Colleen Jones@leenjones – Author of The Content Advantage, dog lover and an all-round cool lady.

13. Meghscase / @meghscase – Author of The Content Strategy Tool Kit. Her feed is full of UX, content and thought-provoking nuggets.

The chatterboxes

14. Steve Portigal / @steveportigal – Steve is your man when it comes to research. He hosts the Dollar to Donuts podcast where he discusses how organisations use audience research.

15. Dave Musson / @davemusson – Dave hosts the Inspiration on Tap podcast. He could be in the running for Top GIF User of 2019. Want to challenge him?

16. Stephen App / @StephenApp – Stephen hosts the Hashtag Higher Ed podcast which squeezes chunks of knowledge from people working in content. He isn’t shy when it comes to sharing his observations and opinions on what’s happening in the sector. 

17. Jackie Vetrano / @JackieVetrano –  Jackie is the founder of the ConnectEDU network podcast and shares her thoughts on data, marketing and the latest trends. 

18. Lougan Bishop / @lougan – Host of the Higher Ed Social podcast, Logan shares snippets from his talks with industry experts and snapshots from his life. 

19. Dustin Ramsdell / @HigherEd_Geek – Dustin is part of the ConnectEDU podcast community. Follow him for podcast updates and Star Wars based shenanigans. 

20. Dr. Josie Ahlquist / @josieahlquist – Josie brings together tech, content and leadership through her feed. Don’t miss her podcast, Josie & The Podcast.

21. Alaina Wiens / @alainawiens ‏- Alaina is a keen reader, Marketing Director and the host of the Strategy Car podcast… what can’t this woman do? 

22. Paul Boag‏ / @boagworld – Author, Founder of Boagworks, Director of Smashing Magazine AND Headscape. Follow him for the latest episodes of his podcast and the interesting things he is up to.

The pioneers

23. Emma Gilmartin / @embrooksy8 – Emma was the winner of the Pioneer Award at the ContentEd 2019 Awards. Emma loves an emoji and her tweets will brighten up your feed with the latest about her exciting work at the University of Glasgow.

24. Jonny Williams / @JonnyFWilliams – Jonny was the runner up for the Pioneer Award at the ContentEd 2019 Awards. Don’t miss out on the innovative work he’s leading on at Keele University.

ContentEd 2019 speakers

25. Tracy Playle / @tracyplayle – CEO of Pickle Jar Communications, Founder of ContentEd and life coach. Tracy shares insights into the great work going on in the sector, as well as highlighting what we could improve.

26. Tom Jackson / @TyneSightPhoto – Tom is a busy bee – follow him to see his stunning event photography.

27. Austin Kleon / @austinkleon – You might have heard of his book ‘Steal Like An Artist’. Austin’s feed in an eclectic mix of tips on curating content, awesome books and articles, Newspaper Blackout poems and funky pieces of art.

28. Danielle Lapham@LaBouchezla – Danielle shares her views into all things HE and useful tools. Keep your eyes peeled for when she attends her next content strategy event. 

29. Vicky Hayhurst / @vicky_rev_view – Vicky is the Commercial Director for Revolution Viewing. Follow her for great takeaways from the content-focused conferences she attends, plus a behind the scenes look into Revolution Viewing’s work.

30. John Ferguson / @OinoJohn – If you love football, content and strategy, John is your man. His feed brings together a great mix of interests. 

31. Padma Gillen / @padmasaysblah – Padma is an author, digital consultant and content connoisseur. He shares great articles on measurable content, workshops, and jobs within the content strategy community. A practical and useful feed indeed.

32. Joris Beerda / @jorisbeerda1– If you want to know more about gamification, Joris is one to watch.

33. Ayala Gordon / @AyalaGordon – Ayala is a talented speaker, award-winning content strategist and is also the Head of Digital at the University of Southampton. Follow her for info on content creation, content design and digital transformation.

34. Kezia / @Keziadventure – Kezia’s tweets are sure to brighten your day and spark your inspiration as she shares highlights of the University of Glasgow’s alumni social media content.

35. Brittney Dunkins / @BrittneyDunkins – Brittney is a storyteller.  Follow her for information on content strategy and a look into her storytelling workshops. 

36. Tasha Quinn / @tashaquinn19 – Tasha is a Social and Digital Media Officer at the University of Glasgow and shares takeaways from the conferences she attends plus a BTS look at the University of Glasgow team.

37. Dr Anne-Marie Imafidon MBE / @aimafidon – Anne-Marie is an inspirational woman challenging the tech industry. Not only that but she is a child prodigy, fantastic storyteller and she shares inspiring content showcasing the achievements of women. 

38. John Hill / @jpjhill – John is our Head of Content. Follow him for his witty commentary on current affairs and pictures of his gorgeous dog, Scout.

39. Dana Rock / @dinojrock – Dana spoke at both ContentEd 2018 and 2019. Learn how Dana put together award-winning campaigns and content. Dana is a tech buff, too.

40. Rahel Bailie / @rahelab – Get over to Rahel’s feed for her take on good and bad content, tech communications and current affairs.

41. Cameron Pegg / @ghostwhowrites – Cameron tweets about pop culture, sport, content and HE. He knows a thing or two about storytelling, so don’t miss his tips.

42. Richelle Quinn / @_RichQ – Follow Richelle for insights into content strategy and to see excellent examples of  Sheffield Hallam University are tackling their content strategy. You may be inspired. 

43. Jo Redfern / @redfernj – Jo is the Managing Director of Education Cubed. She shares articles showcasing the unique struggles faced by the education sector and snapshots of her work at Education Cubed.

44. Laura-Jane Gould / @LJGOULD – Find Laura tweeting about video, highlights from the events she attends and work from the University of Derby.

45. Rich Prowse / @RichProwse – Rich’s Twitter feed is nothing but fun. Follow him for lovely graphics, lots of visual content and info on content strategy, ContentOps and the customer journey. 

46. Robert Perry (Pez) / @pez_sez – With a selection of viral tweets under his belt, Robert is sure to make you smile with his witty humour, influencer maps and his take on current affairs. 

47. Pamela Agar / @Pamela Agar – Pamela dishes out highlights from different events she attends and top tips for families living in London. 

48. Mike Powers / @mjpowers – Mike is a content expert, speaker, higher education specialist and all-round lovely chap. Follow him for snapshots of music endeavours and excellent material for budding content strategists. 

49. Dr. Liz Gross / @lizgross144 – Liz is the Founder and CEO of Campus Sonar. Follow her as she collects more badges on the Untapped app, shares her travel stories and most importantly, her social listening insights.

50. Ellie Lovell@ellielovell – Ellie is our Head of Strategy and shares content highlights, useful articles, ADORABLE family photos and more.

51. Dan Marrable / @TerribleM86 – Dan runs his own social media company and posts really great videos which give you a BTS look into his workshops and approaches to social media. There’s also Samwise, his two-year-old black lab. Dog pictures FTW.

Content folk

52. Trisha Doyle@tjrdoyle – Insights into the content design of GOV.UK. Trisha shares interesting information about the cross-government content design community. 

53. Mike Petroff@mikepetroff – Mike loves to share what works with his audiences. Don’t miss out on his tips on design, SEO, user research, and more. 

54. Suzy Giles@suzygilesglobal – Suzy is the Managing Director of Giles Global Communication. She shares information on internal communications, CIPR and internal buy-in. We just love Suzy.

55. Nic Evans@distilco – Shares useful articles on things like audits and style guides, and gives us a glimpse of her work at Shopify. A Scot abroad.

56. Elle Geraghty / @EllenGeraghty – Get onto Elle’s feed for info on content strategy events and resources on UX design, content design and more.

Our newest Pickle Jar Communications team members

57. Simon Fairbanks@sfairbanksHE – Simon is the newest member of the Pickle Jar Communications team and shares a creative snapshot of his life and a behind the scenes look into his role as a Senior Content Strategist. He also highlights examples of those doing great things within the sector. 

58. Linda Jameson /  @Lindy_loops –  Linda is an active Tweeter who shares useful blog posts about content strategy and takeaways from useful content focused webinars. Oh, and don’t miss her music reviews for Americana UK.

We hope you find inspiration in this list and join conversations taking place within the content strategy community. If you would like to know what we do at Pickle Jar Communications, sign up for our mailing list or alternatively get in touch by email, we’d love to chat.

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